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Remember us in your Will

Want to leave a lasting legacy, that makes a visible difference?

Derrington Millennium Green is s fantastic project which many people have contributed to because they can see what wonderful results happen with the donation.

We have been very fortunate that people have already remembered us in their Will as they have thoroughly enjoyed their time on the Green and realise what a worthwhile project it is.

People support us because they use the facility to walk their dog, enjoy nature or just like being out in the fresh air enjoying the piece and quiet.

We are not a faceless organisation where you cannot see where your individual donation goes, every penny of donation is used to secure the short, medium and long term future of the Millennium Green. We are run completely by volunteers for the people, not for wages or profit.


We have now, near on  twenty year proven track record of effective successful management, financial security, development and success being probably the most successful long term project of its type in the UK.

If you like to help the Green in perpetuity and continually develop and improve then please remember us in your Will. 

People have remembered us in 2 ways, they have:

  • Written a non specific donation into their Will to be used by the Millennium Green Trustees to support the site maintenance and development



  • Asked for the donation to be used for a specific cause in which case, the Solicitor will work with the Trustees to execute the Will/ request.

Please Note: specific requests can only be executed if the the Trustees agree that the proposal is in keeping with the 'ethos' of the Green. If you'd like to sponsor a particular item, please see the sponsorship page.

If you'd like to request a specific request please contact us.

We will be eternally grateful for any support given.

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