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Site Map

The site has 4 entry points, three along the Greenway walk (old railway line) and one cross country from Doxey. Vehicular access is via Church lane however, there is limited parking so best to park next to the playing field.

Please note there are no toilets on site.

There are two large orchards on the Green, All the fruit trees have been sponsored and it is our policy to select, where possible, less well known varieties

The Orchards
The Nuttery

Our small Nuttery has a section of walnuts and Hazelnuts, its a particular favorite of the squirrels!

The Wildflower Meadows

Our Wildflower Meadows are exceptional, May is the best time to visit when everything is in full bloom and alive with life!

All About us

Derrington Millennium Green is a large open space adjacent to the village of Derrington which, is to the west of Stafford UK. The Green is managed by a group of Trustees on behalf of the villagers. The site is maintained by an enthusiastic group of volunteers and draws its funding from voluntary donations from the 'friends' of Derrington Millennium Green.
The aim of the Green is to provide a large open space for recreation and somewhere to enjoy nature. The site has become a haven for rare flora and fauna and has been awarded a 'Site of Biological Importance' (SBI)

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