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There are several ways in which a person can participate in sponsorship on the Millennium Green, everything from tree and seat sponsorship to facilities and equipment. We have so far had the following sponsored:

  • Fruit and Nut Trees

  • Non Fruit Trees

  • Stone and wooden seats and benches

  • Generators

  • Water Pump

  • Gates

  • Borehole

  • Tractor

  • Wood burning stove etc


The great majority of our Fruit and Nut Trees have been sponsored. There are some fruit and many non fruit trees and bushes available ranging from £100 to £400. All Trees come with Plaques which are maintained for life.

Please note that due to initial high demand we have felt it necessary to limit the demand through cost.

If you would like to sponsor a tree or bush please contact us.


We have a number of stone Seats and wooden Benches available, please contact us for prices.

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