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Posted 18-07-2020

Unfortunately the opening of the expansion fields is taking a lot longer than we thought, there are several reasons:

1. Covid-19 has seen many people Furloughed which has meant we have been unable to proceed.

2. The power poles in the 2 fields need to be replaced - again Western Distribution Employees have been furloughed.

3. The council, after asking for a full Site Survey and Architect's submission, have decided that the pond 'Scrapes' will now be deemed as 'Engineering Works' so, it's a change of planning permission again and an additional £1500.

On the positive side nature has loved being left alone, especially the 2 beehives we now have on site.

From this in February to



this in May

Posted 14-03-2020

The latest update on the fields is that we are have to apply for planning permission to change from agricultural to recreational use. This has required a complete site survey (levels) followed by engaging with an architect to be able to gain planning permission, which has taken some time.

Until we have this unfortunately we aren't covered for public access by our insurers.

We are also waiting for the ground to dry out so that Western Power Distribution  can replace the power poles (electricity). We can't secure the site with perimeter fencing until this happens.

Posted 26-10-2019

The trustees have great pleasure in announcing that both Council fields have now been purchased.

Posted 24-06-19

Millennium Green News sheet June 2019

  The Trustees of the Millennium Green are delighted to announce the purchase of the 2nd expansion field from Staffs County Council. This takes our total expansion to 4.7 acres.

We are now pursuing a grant to landscape and fence part of the new site. There will be a planning event on Saturday 6th July from 12-2pm in the Millennium Green shed to give people a chance to make suggestions for the expansion fields.

Please read the attached News-sheet for more details.

Posted 11-03-19

  The Trustees of the Millennium Green were delighted to invite a large group of villagers and supporters for a guided tour of the new expansion field on Sunday the 10th March. Fortunately the rain held off and although breezy, the sun came out and gave everyone an excellent opportunity to look around our new acquisition.

  At this stage the ideas for the new field are still in the formative stage so hopefully, now people have seen this field, they may be ready with some suggestions when the formal planning event takes place in the near future.

Derrington Millennium Green Expansion - Success!

Posted 24-02-19

Millennium Green News sheet 10 February 2019 

We are delighted to inform you that the purchase of the proposed Millennium Green expansion field from A.j. Busby and Son has now been completed. The field at last is ours!

In addition we are also delighted to announce that we are in the process of purchasing an additional field adjacent to the new field and Millennium Green (please see the News sheet pdf)

We are actively pursuing and likely to receive, a sizable grant to develop and maintain (e.g landscape, fences, plant trees) these new the fields.

The new field maybe viewed from the Green but will not have access for a while as we make arrangements for insurance, safety inspections and fauna study

Map of Future Expansion

Posted 14-10-18

Proposed Site Expansion - Update 

The purchase of the proposed expansion land is progressing but, is quite slow due to some complex overage provisions placed on the new owners by the old owners. As a consequence of the overage, the trust would be required to sign a covenant which basically says that if the site were ever to be developed, then a proportion of the development revenue would go to the original owner. As we are an environmental charity and also the land is a floodplain, we will never develop the land and therefore we don't see the need for the covenant. We will get there hopefully quite soon! 

Posted 28-07-18

DMGT converted to a CIO, expansion land purchase imminent

We are pleased to announce that finally we have converted to a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO). This now allows the Trust (we retain the same name) to purchase the proposed expansion land.

Sorry, its taken so long, we've had to create a new constitution and document and then we've been at the mercy of the solicitor (who's had 2 big legal cases) and the Charities Commission.

This is a fantastic milestone.

We will now cash the cheques people have given us and proceed at pace with the purchase. 

Our new charity is listed on the charitie's commission website under the number 1179302.

Further posts will follow.

Posted 18-07-2020

We, the trustees of Derrington Millennium Green, are delighted to inform everyone that we have made a provisional agreement with the Landowner (A.J. Busby) to  purchase the field adjacent to Derrington Millennium Green.

We apologise for the lack of news recently (we haven't been idle!). As we did not achieve the initial target for the appeal, we have been negotiating and trying to raise further funds. We are now, however, delighted to confirm that our pledge total, including the valuable gift aid, means that we will have enough funds to go ahead with the land purchase. This has been made possible partly through the generosity of Helen & John Busby who have reduced the price of the land so we can now go ahead with the first phase of the project and make the purchase.

As you can imagine this is great news for the Derrington Millennium Green and the village.


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